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 All-Star Rules (Must Read)!

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PostSubject: All-Star Rules (Must Read)!   Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:19 pm

New and veteran users are to read the rules and ensure not to break any. If broken it will result in a warning or a ban.

1. No one word posting.

2. Don't 'flame' users it will result in a 7 day ban.

3. Posting all in CAPITAL LETTERS will result in a warn.

4. No 'One Word Posting' it will result in a warn.

5. Speak in English. If it is necessary that you need to speak in a different language place it in a spoiler,

6. Posts containing 18+ content will result in a ban for 18 days.

7. Acting like the leader of the forum/game is not acceptable.

8. If a user is seen breaking any of the rules please contact a Moderator or the Admin. Stating which rule the user broke and evidence (the link and page).

9. If you are (by mistake) given a warn then you should ask a Moderator or the Admin to remove it but be polite.

10. Do not revive topics that have been inactive (1 month +). An exception are topics that are stickied and are deemed important (even if it is older than a month).

11. Please be patient with updates and the releases of the game. The All-Stars team will notify all users about upcoming updates and release dates.

12. Creating 2 accounts won't fool the Admins, one account will be banned. An exception will be if there is a problem with one of the accounts and you have contacted either a Moderator or the Admin about this problem.

13. Treat everyone equally and fairly. No one is above anyone.

14. If any Moderators abuse their powers, at the moment their powers will be taken away.

15. Posting irrelevant content in a serious topic will results in the user being warned.

16. Users warned for a valid reason are not allowed to ask Moderators to remove it. This will result in another warn, this is placed so the users learn from their mistakes. In addition users can buy an item allowing them to remove the warn at the cost of points. Visit the store: http://ultimatenaf.userboard.net/h1-store

17. Postings image or other content that stretches the forum size will give that user a warn. If the image/content is needed place it in a spoiler.

18. Posting only smilies will result in a warn (if you post only with smilies).

19. If we find you breaking any rules then you will be warned or banned as per to the fault. We might not give u any other chance.

20. Avatar, Status and Signatures must be within forum limits. If they are not then you will be given a warning, a Moderator or Admin will ask the user to change it if not done the penalty may be resulted in a ban.

21. Don't be rude to other users. If another user insists on you to do something that mis-pleases that user or another or if yourself mis-pleases other members it will be considered as flaming and will receive a 1 day ban.


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All-Star Rules (Must Read)!
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