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 Top selling manga

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PostSubject: Top selling manga   Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:19 am

http://www.saiyanisland.com/2013/12/top-selling-manga-in-2013/ there it is. Bleach(15th) is only going downhill. Naruto is doing well(5th)(hopefully the ending in 2014 isnt too bad). Toriko(13th) isn't doing so well, but it keeps up. Fairy tail(9th) is doing really good(probably due to hentai). One piece.....no word on one piece its how its supposed to be Serious Face .Shingeki is a close second amazing, great series(sadly its mostly running on the 10 episode hype hope it gets better later on). Kurokos basketball is doing incredibly well and wanna know why.....its because yoshihiro togashi is the editor(start working on your own series!!!) Don't know about magi(4th) gonna check it out later on. Hunter x hunter(8th) has gone down...-_- what else would you expect 0 chapters released and 2 volumes are the only ones that they are counting.


Watch these anime-

Level E-comedy
one piece-ridiculousness
hunter x hunter 2011-quality
one punch man-comedy
Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood-quality

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PostSubject: Re: Top selling manga   Wed Dec 04, 2013 10:39 pm

Ohhh Bleach Sad Razz hmmm Serious Face


                                      Here ya go, bro'.
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Top selling manga
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